Speaking about photography at my exhibitions and at seminars it became clear that one-to-one tuition could prove really useful to some people. So I have devised a menu of topics that can be covered on a one-day or half-day session. I also cater for small groups. Different people have chosen to concentrate on different topics, some on the use of photo-software, some on taking the photos, some on editing and storage.
The sessions have gone well, and I list some testimonials. So, have a look at the menu, consider which areas you would like help with, then do get in touch.

Photography – Getting It Right For You
Tailored seminars to improve your photography
  1. Introduction – Breaking The Rules and Daring to Try
  1. Types of photography – hints and tips, colour, black & white.
  • Portrait
  • Street
  • Landscape
  • Abstract
  • Travel
  1. Buying and using your camera
  1. Taking some photos of your own
  1. Photo Software – including Adobe Lightroom
  1. Editing & Processing your images
  1. Storing and sharing your images
  1. Displaying your images
"The seminar with Simon was just brilliant.  I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in photography who wants to learn a little more about how to take good quality pictures, utilise technology to store pictures and use photographic software to edit the best of the crop.

I spent some time in advance of the session discussing with Simon what I wanted to achieve from our time together and the programme he put together covered everything that I had requested.  The morning was a combination of looking at examples of photographs that demonstrated the different techniques and practical sessions trying out different skills.

Simon's philosophy of breaking the rules and daring to try new things made the world of photography much less daunting.  I feel that it is now possible to take really good pictures that can be used for a variety of purposes.  The session had the right balance of technical background and practical application to get me going.

Do book a session with Simon and before too long you will have an array of fabulous photographs from interesting images of objects to engaging pictures of family and friends." 

Julie. York

I had installed Lightroom on my laptop and could not get the hang of it, so contacted Simon who was great. He is a professional photographer so knows what to concentrate on. He said he would tailor the session to my requirements which is exactly what I needed. He has used Lightroom for about ten years so knows all the ins and outs!

Simon took me through the main elements and how to achieve the best results but leaving me to create my photographs to my liking. He was professional, explained and demonstrated what was, in his experience, the best way to to use the "effects" to really enhance my photographs.

After the session he allowed me to contact him should I have any problems, which I did, and sorted them. So much so I went back for a second session!” 
Robin. York

I have just had a 'second helping' of Simon's help with getting to grips with Lightroom. After I downloaded Lightroom for the first time in the summer, I found myself rather in the dark. I have a hefty manual but I learn best from someone who knows what they are talking about and Simon is such a someone.  The first time, I turned up with a long list of questions and he worked through them with me adding in thoughts and other ideas from his own experience. Two hours later I felt enlightened and much more confident. There were a couple of queries that arose later and Simon dealt with them over the phone finding simple solutions in no time.

Recently I realised that I was reaching the limit of my competence and my questions were mounting. Once again Simon has shone more light into the Lightroom processes and I can again move forward.  He is knowledgeable about both taking and processing  photographs.  He is also not afraid to say if he is occasionally unfamiliar with something being very prepared to experiment with possibilities. His passion for photography, his creativity, his photographic 'eye' and his interest in others' work together with his pleasure at sharing his knowledge and experience make for very interesting, informative and affirmative sessions.Carol, York

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