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On this page are 42 examples of my fine art photographic images. 
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Image 1 - Pond Ice
Inspiration can come from unexpected places. Rushing to cycle my daughter to school I noticed this pond frozen in an unusual way. The ambiguity of the shot lies in the ice itself; these are not bubbles of ice within the water, no the whole surface is ice, all is frozen. People have thought the shadow cast across the pond is from the legs of the photographer rather than the twin Birch trees. I have heard it so often that I start to believe it.
Pond Ice
Image 2 - Sand
Landscape can be more than views and vistas. It can also be a part of a broader image, extracted to effect. Sand, water and light the components of this shot taken on the beach at Aberdyfi on Cardigan Bay in Wales are essential elements of landscape. With this image there are at least three levels of ambiguity. Firstly which is the sand and which is the water? Secondly, this is a colour image, not black and white, unmanipulated. Thirdly, what scale is it? Half an hour after taking the shot the sand was changed for ever as the tide swept in.
Sand - Aberdyfi
Image 3 - Lochan
Walking across a bleak exposed moorland in north west Scotland I headed for a lochan for respite. I found this oasis of calm. The dark reeds give the image a feel of a Japanese print. The uncertainty of where the line of reflection runs, is confused by the lilies adding a third dimension.
Image 4 - Galisteo Flowers
Taken in the high desert Galisteo basin in New Mexico. The dead flowers from the year before hang on in the clear desert air just a little longer.
Galisteo Flowers
Image 5 - Lake Fence
The tactile look of the water surface, and the bizarre juxtaposition of the fence and the lake caught my attention for this shot taken on reclaimed mining lands at Fairburn near Castleford in Yorkshire
Lake Fence
Image 6 - Silent Running
It had been a long, wet, cold day at the athletics meeting. When the sun came out and cast these shadows off the statuettes I knew the image would make the day worthwhile. "Are they not actual people running then?" gets asked.
Silent Running
Image 7 - Humberhead
The vast peat bogs of Humberhead forms an incredibly lonely, isolated and beautiful wilderness area; unknown and right there in South Yorkshire. To photograph them is a challenge, but the light here allows an image of one of the scrapes to become ambiguous and intriguing. The vast majority of this shot is reflection with just he tufts of grass being in real time.
Image 8 - Screen
This screen of trees high on the chalk escarpment of the Yorkshire Wolds caught my eye with its stark vertical form. The landscape that can be seen through the screen is vague yet enticing. The colours of the fields and sky that penetrate the screen give a series of horizontal bands that conflict with the vertical bands created by the trees; giving an image that is obvious and abstract at the same time.
Image 9 - Pavilion
The Finnish Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale presents this open topped bamboo structure. It manages to bring the outside into the room. I hope that looking at the trees through the bamboo takes you to a place of contemplation.
 Image 10 - Crosscut Sand
The contrast between the sand eroded by the water flow and that which is untouched drew me to this. The footprints added another touch of ambiguity and disorientation.
Crosscut Sand
 Image 11 - Storm at Sanquhar
What could have been a pretty standard shot of snow on a Scottish mountain is transformed by the storm-laden sky. The gates look incongruos in such an elemental scene, the whole thing looks more like sea than the land.
Storm at Sanquhar
Image 12 - Clew Bay
Taken from the top of Cruach Phádraig in County Mayo, Ireland.
I like the confused scale on this shot. Although the islands may look quite small, if you look closely some have houses on – they are quite large. The cloud at the top of the shot further confuses the context of the image.
Clew Bay
Image 13 - Aran Fort Wall
This is the wall of an iron age hill fort on Aran off Ireland's west coast. The fort is thousands of years old, and virtually untended in a field in the interior of the island. These stones have probably laid in this formation since the fort was built.
Aran Fort Wall
Image 14 - Brussels Bench
This one of my all-time favourites, so it is particularly gratifying when someone agrees with me! 
The contrast in textures between the stone surfaces and the bench, the added confusion of the shadow and the geometry of the shapes was good. The depersonalised figure made it an image I wanted to capture.
Brussels Bench
Image 15 - Multiangular Cross
This shot was taken through the Roman Multi-angular tower in York.
The irony is that although it is a cross shape its function is as an arrow slot for warfare.
The bare branches seen behind the tower provide a hint of a crown of thorns too.
Multiangular Cross
Image 16 - Coast

Wander down from some pretty grim post-industrial Tyneside landscapes and you come to Souter on the coast. As beautiful as it is unexpected. What drew me to this shot was the rock in the foreground that looks like you could mould it with your hands – you can't. This shot is actually shot in colour, although it is such a monochrome image that it is hard to tell. 
Look at the sky in the top right corner and you can see some blue.
Image 17 - Lake Vyrnwy
Sitting above the lake in mid Wales, the sky opened up and created this moment. The Victorian reservoir tower standing in the lake tallies with my idea of Bluebeard's Castle.
Lake Vyrnwy
Image 18 - Distorted Freedom
This image is a reflection of the new Freedom Tower building in New York City rising from the ashes of the Twin Towers. By using another building to produce the reflected image it distorts enough to ask a few questions of the viewer. Some reflections have produced what look like stick-figures on the building - adding a poignancy to the shot.
Distorted Freedom
Image 19 - The Sign Of Three
Walking by a canal in Birmingham I saw this discarded party balloon resting upon the dropped leaves of autumn encased in the still waters. The juxtaposition of the natural and the glaringly artificial struck me; and the questions of where the balloon came from? What was the occasion? 
How did it come to be in the canal?
The Sign Of Three
Image 20 - Bishop Wood
Trees can be at once both familiar and mysterious. I took this image lying on the ground and looking up into the canopy of the wood. Scale and subject become less than certain. Originally a colour image, black and white allows the focus to concentrate on form and structure. The trees, subtly separated could almost be coral in the sea.
Bishop Wood
Image 21 - On Ilkley Moor
The elements of air, moor and water combine in this semi-abstract image. It is quite a challenge to draw such an image from so familiar a place as Ilkley Moor.

On Ilkley Moor
Image 22 - Barlow
Industrialised land goes through stages of perception. From dirty, dangerous and regrettable to sad and depressing to treasured place of historical interest. The old railway lands of Barlow in South Yorkshire probably fall into the second stage. It is land that is now free of debris and has status as a nature reserve but is far from loved. The harsh light falling across these teasels caught the mood.
Image 23 - Bike At Bristol
Two good pieces of design in one shot.
Bike At Bristol
Image 24 - Canyon At Baladier 
Canyon At Baladier
 Image 25 - Storm Brewing at Denia
Storm Brewing at Denia
Image 26 - Abandoned
There are at least two local stories of how this abandoned village came to be, and probably others I did not hear. Best to make up your own ...
 Image 27 - Escape 1
Taken in the desert at Santa Fe. I found these grasses that were slowing letting their seeds escape to regenerate. The whole area had an other-worldly ambience which I tried to capture.
Escape 1
Image 28 - Montgo Wall
High in the Montgó hills of Spain an abandoned farm. 
Nature is starting to reclaim, messages have been writ, it is reverting.
Montgo Wall
Image 29 - Fairfield
Taken on the Fairfield Horseshoe ridge in the Lake District. I liked the figures in the middle distance that give a subtle focal point. The contrast between the snow on the ridge and the snow-free Windermere and hills below adds to the dynamic of the shot.
Image 30 - Harrow Road 1980
Shot in 1980 in West London this mode of transport for a corner shop was totally outmoded and a shock to see. Now it would not be so unusual at all in London with the rise of cycle-transport as a real alternative. The cyclist might be a bit younger though.
Harrow Road 1980
Image 31 - Man on Clacton Beach
Clacton beach in Essex. Not the most promising of locations. 
But the light caught the wet surface and the man with the stick looked just right.
Man on Clacton Beach
Image 32 - Sheffield Fountains
There are at least four layers to this shot. The fountains at Sheffield Station, together with the low sun and wet stone all came together at the right time. 
A reflection of the photographer in the shot is something I like, if not too forced.
Sheffield Fountains
Image 33 - Sheffields Most Wanted
Walking along the canals of Sheffield brings a mix of surprise [that there are still factories and foundries producing goods] and decay [buildings like this one, that are on their last legs, unloved and unroofed]. I spotted the graffiti on this wall which gave me a title and a feeling of sad irony.
Sheffields Most Wanted
Image 34 - Tywyn Tracks
Taken on Tywyn Beach in Wales. There are many tracks on a beach, this combination of crude jeep tracks and random stones trying to keep a foothold caught my eye.
Tywyn Tracks
Image 35 - Zurich Water
Walking through Zurich in the autumn I saw this outdoor swimming pool built out into the lake. I was struck by the symmetry of the shot, the stillness, the mountains that were a hundred kilometres away, and above all the contrast between the two waters. A Swiss mountain landscape, but a little different.
Zurich Water
Image 36 - A Fine Balance
Climbing up to Sacré-Cœur there were a hundred people taking the same shot of the church in the autumn sunshine. I turned the other way, looked over the wall and saw this. A street juggler, an adoring crowd, autumn trees and layers of Paris behind. It felt strangely timeless. 
I took the shot, hoping it would come out how I wanted it. It did.
A Fine Balance
Image 37 - The Tree On The Cliff
I found myself on a ludicrous path down the Montgó cliff face, got a little worried, 
looked up and saw this tree in the most unlikely of places. Made me feel safe.
The Tree On The Cliff
Image 38 - Thames Waters
I liked the contrast between the two parts of the Thames here. The normal way of looking at things gets replaced with a trompe-l'œil effect.
Thames Waters
Image 39 - Reeds
Taken on the Humber estuary. I liked the ambiguity of scale; although these are reeds 
they can look like a forest have the look of a forest as well.
Image 40 - Sand 2
The beach at Aberdyfi has taken on a bit of a muse-like rôle for me. This shot is taken from a viewpoint standing in the sea. When the image is monochrome like this then the colour can stay.
Sand 2
Image 41 - Silent Meeting
I rarely take candid street shots now. But this contrast between the stark Madrid Airport architecture and the two very human figures got me shooting. 
Did they know each other? Did they notice each other? 
Silent Meeting
Image 42 - The Lady On The Beach
Taken at lunch time on a London working day. The walkways of the South Bank were alive 
with the jostle of office workers on their break and tourists on the move. 
I looked over the wall and saw this woman who had found some peace and quiet amidst it all.
The Lady On The Beach


  1. Excellent pictures Simon. I enjoyed looking at them.. Good luck with your latest exhibition. BTW I still can't play the guitar.